Musician Joins International Kinus Torah

The Online Smicha program held a unique Kinus Torah, featuring students from across the globe joining for an evening of Torah and unity. Zachariah Goldschmiedt of the Zusha Band, a student himself, joined and sang for the talmidim.

Continuing the tradition of having Kinusei Torah held on Chol Hamoed in different communities, the Online Smicha program held one of a kind, featuring students from all around the world joining together for an evening of Torah and unity.

Amongst the speakers were talmidim: Ben Diamond and Yisroel Baum of Israel, Yitzchok Balbin of Australia, Moti Grauman of South Africa, Moshe Sebban of France, Eliot Grossman of the USA, and Alec Kholodenco of Canada. For Simchas Yom Tov, talmid Zachariah Goldschmiedt of the Zusha Band played some melodies.

Dozens of talmidim worldwide, along with guests, have enjoyed discussions on topics about Sukkos, Tefilas Geshem, and other interesting subjects in Halacha. 

“It was a beautiful sight to see talmidim gathering from so many places, for some of them literally in the middle of the night, to get together and increase in Torah study”, says Rabbi Yosef Avtzon of Online Smicha.

The smicha program, led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, draws talmidim from all around the world who desire to learn and receive Smicha in a serious and methodical structure without interrupting their working schedule and other responsibilities.

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