Online Smicha Celebrates Bochurim Chag Hasmicha

The Online Smicha program, led by Rabbi Nachman Wilhelm, held its annual Chag Hasmicha, honoring the bochurim from around the world who have learnt Smicha with the program this year.

Photos: Menachem Aviel Cohen

On Gimmel Tammuz, Machon Le’horaa Online Smicha held its annual Chag Hasmicha in crown heights, honoring its talmidim with their Smicha certificates upon the completion of their studies.

Being an online program, not all talmidim were able to attend the event, but more than a dozen talmidim had joined, after learning during the year with the program joining from many different locations:

Yossi Hein and Nevo Schneider – Los Angeles. Motti Wilhelm and Zevi Herman – Toronto. Chaim Zippel, Levi Wise, and Levi Cohen – Pittsburgh. Mordy Davis and Mendel Hirsch, S Diego. Levi Shmotkin, Schneur Katz, and Shmuel Polter – Milwaukee. Yosef Polter, Shmuli Bronstein, and Mendel Wolowik – Crown Heights. Nechemia Kessler and Yudi Filler – Caracas.

During the event they were privileged to hear from Rabbi Shmotkin of Milwaukee and Rabbi Weinfeld of the OK kashrus, as well as from Rabbi Wilhelm, Rabbi Avtzon, and some of the parents.

The program focuses on giving the flexibility of time and place, without compromising on the level of learning and personal interaction. Every class has 2 weekly live sessions where the talmidim can communicate and interact with the teacher, as well as an active WhatsApp group for questions and answers. The talmidim are also provided with many resources, making it easier for them to achieve this high level of learning without interrupting their shlichus and other duties.

The program is anticipating 2 full classes for Bochurim for the coming year. For more information and to enroll, please visit the Smicha Program’s website at or email [email protected]

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