Online School Holds In-Person Graduation and Trip

Eighth grade Shluchim Online School students gathered in-person for the first time ever to celebrate their graduation with an overnight trip and a celebratory ceremony.

In the spirit of Hakhel, the 8th grade boys graduating class from the Nigri Shluchim Online School gathered together in New York to celebrate their graduation with an exciting trip and first ever in-person ceremony. 

The virtual school of the Shluchim Office provides a robust Chassidishe education for the sons and daughters of Chabad Shluchim throughout the world.

This gathering celebrated the incredible milestone of graduating online school after years of learning together around the world. From Russia, to England, and even Colombia, the boys traveled from all over for the occasion.

The program started with a two day trip full of fun, inspiration and connection led Rabbi Yossi SpalterMottel Greisman, and Berel Danow

Culminating this impactful experience, the graduation ceremony hosted an overflowing crowd of proud parents, close relatives and friends. Each of the students shared Divrei Torah and words of Hakaras Hatov to the staff before receiving their diploma. 

“You could feel the energy in the room from the Talmidim joining together in person for this first ever in person graduation ceremony,” said Rabbi Yehoshua Steinberg, Shluchim Online School boys principal. “It’s been surreal to see how much the students have grown into true Temimim and Chassidim.”

The Shluchim Online School thanks Rabbi Lipskier and the Morristown Yeshiva for graciously hosting the students and making them feel welcome on the trip as well as Rabbi Pewzner for making the experience extra special and Farbrenging with the Talmidim. A big thank you to Rabbi Steinberg who led and coordinated both programs.

The Nigri International Shluchim Online School is a division of the Shluchim Office directed by Rabbi Gedalya & Bassie Shemtov.

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