Live: Online Event Marks Shloshim of Rabbi Moshe Miller

Live at 9:30 PM ET: An online event on Wednesday night will mark the Shloshim of Rabbi Moshe Miller, a prolific writer who authored an encyclopedic work on the seder hishtalshelus and translations of many works of Kabbalah and Chassidus.

An online event on Wednesday night will mark 30 days since the passing of Rabbi Moshe Miller on Zos Chanuka, 5783.

Rabbi Miller was well-known as a talmid chochom as well as a prolific author and translator, with more than twenty books to his name on a wide variety of topics, including a new, authoritative, annotated translation of the Zohar, a translation of Rabbi Moshe Cordovero’s classic Tomer Devorah with original commentary and annotation, and ‘Mishnas Chabad,’ an encyclopedic work on the seder hishtalshelus.

The memorial tribute event marking the ‘Shloshim’ since the passing of Rabbi Moshe Miller a”h will be held on Wednesday night, January 25th, at 9:30 PM ET.

Click here to join.

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