Online Cheder Begins 5th Year with Boys, Girls and Pre-Mesivta

Now entering its 5th year, Online Cheder,, has inspired and graduated students by making learning exciting, understood and achievable throughout our full-time Al Taharas HaKodesh learning. 

Online Cheder,, has inspired and graduated students by making learning exciting, understood and achievable throughout our full-time Al Taharas HaKodesh learning. 

The principles of the Frierdiker Rebbe‘s Kuntres on Chinuch, Klolei HaChinuch VhaHadrocha, are a guide for the cheder and separate girls’ school, as teachers work with each child to find the best way for each student to learn and to really take in and live the Torah’s lessons.  

The effect is clear. Talmidim in the cheder really understand the Gemara that they’ve learned and can relate these sugyos to daily life halachos. They enjoy discussions on Gemara and this real understanding of the sguya gives them cheishek to learn sections well inside and to memorize words. The same approach is taken with Halacha, Chasidus and biur Teffila.

A small taste of this effect can be seen on our Gemara plays at the bottom of the Homepage of our site. Talmidos in the girls’ school gain a deep learning in Halacha, Teffila, Chasidus and Tanach that inspires them and carries them through to a life of learning and Avodas Hashem.

The key to success in Chinuch is to make students comfortable and open to asking questions and encouraging them to understand both the real meaning of the text as well as its wording. Students feel that their class is their special place to learn, discuss and take in real chomer in a comfortable and encouraging setting and – as the Rabbeim stress time and again, with teachers who care.  

The results and the success of our talmidim and talmidos are noticeable. For many our cheder has been a life-changing experience. We look at and work with the needs of each talmid in the boys’ school and talmida in the girls’ school with a focus on:

  • having them love the more complicated material by showing them its real-life application and the special detail that Hashem put into halacha, fairness and into being forthright.
  • explanation of the real meaning of Teffila and how we connect with Hashem – including what to learn and then think of/focus on before davening and how to connect this thought with the words during the actual teffila.
  • halacha with details and discussion of the rewards in this world and the next, in an effort to show them both the beauty and the necessity of living a life for Hashem.

Moreover, students know that their teachers are there for them.  This is central to all learning and is a key part of their growth.

This year we have added more staff to meet the needs of our students.  We’d value the opportunity to see what we can do for your child. Please visit or email [email protected].  Our number is (917) 830-3364.  

We are also willing to work with sincere parents who are struggling with tuition. A fund has been set up at this link in order to support these efforts, ensuring that each child is given the opportunity to succeed. If you are reading this and are able to support, this will greatly help our efforts and you’ll be a full partner in all of this learning and growth. If you know of a family that is in need, we are there for their Chinuch.

Moreover, we show the same dedication to each child’s learning needs.  If they need extra time, if they are advanced and need deeper answers and motivation or if they are struggling, we actively make sure that each student is set on their own path of success in learning and in growing as a ChaYol and complete Torah Jew. Visit and contact our staff today to see what we can do for you and for your children.

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