One-Year-Old Orphan Received a Sign from the Rebbe

Young Avremush, who just lost his father, was playing with some seforim, and when he finished, his grandfather took a glance and was shocked…

In a poignant and unexpected manner, a letter of condolence from the Rebbe reached the one-year-old child of Rabbi Shimmy Hershkovitz a”h, a devoted shliach who tragically succumbed to illness at the age of 27.

Little Avreimush was playing near the bookshelf in the home of his grandparents, Rabbi Yossi and Mrs. Rochie Nisselevitch, in Nachlas Har Chabad, Kiryat Malachi. As many toddlers are apt to do, he pulled a sefer, which happened to be one of the volumes of Igros Kodesh, out of the bookshelf, and started playing with it.

After flipping through the pages, Avreimush left the sefer lying open on the floor. His grandfather, Rabbi Yossi Nisselevitch, picked up the sefer to return it to its place. Suddenly, he noticed the words on the open page, and he was shocked… It was a letter of condolence that the Rebbe had written to someone who had just lost his father!

In the letter, printed in Igros Kodesh Chelek Chof Hey, page 124, the Rebbe writes to an individual who lost his father, stating, “After a delay, I learned of the passing of your dear father, who was engaged in tzarchei tzibbur, a man of action with fine character. I hereby share in their grief, and may Hashem comfort them twofold.”

The continuation of the letter also seemed to be addressed directly to the families on both sides, who serve as shluchim in Kiryat Malachi and Ofakim, respectively: “Based on your family’s mesorah in the field of spreading and strengthening Yiddishkeit, my hope is strong that the family will not only continue this tradition but will enhance it. For it is known the profound impact on the soul from the good deeds and actions of the sons and relatives who follow the path of Hashem and continue the good actions of their father and husband, leading their everyday lives according to Torah and mitzvot, and being a living example to the surrounding community.”

The letter concludes with a bracha, “With regards and bracha to the entire family sheyichyu, and yehi ratzon that from now and onwards they will not experience further sorrow, but only goodness and kindness shall be their portion.”

A campaign has been launched to support the young widow and orphan.
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