One Question No Child Should Have to Ask This Pesach

Pesach is a YomTov where we emphasize the questions. But there are some questions that no one should have to ask – and you can be their answer.

Pesach is all about the questions. 

Every year, at the seder, we listen to the Mah Nishtana after days of preparation, endless shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

Those are the questions we are familiar with, but there are other questions being whispered by our neighbors in need. 

“Why does Mommy look so worried?”

“Are the chocolate lebens too expensive for our family?”

“Can I get my own Ka’ara or is there not enough?”

These are questions that no child should have to ask.

This Pesach, join Keren Anash in providing for our community members in need. “Kol dichfin yeitzei veyechol,” help us ensure that every Crown Heights family can afford their Yom Tov grocery bills, has enough matzah and wine, can buy new clothes and shoes for their children, and can celebrate Yom Tov with the utmost joy and dignity. 

Your Maos Chitim is their answer.

Join us:

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