One Page, Endless ‘Purim with the Rebbe’ Moments

Take a deep-dive into Purim with the Rebbe, with content across JEM’s platforms accessible on a new Purim Events Page.

With Purim approaching, JEM has created a brand-new Purim hub of content on a dedicated “special events page”. Following the release of several such pages for special dates around the year, the Purim page stands out with the vast amount of valuable multimedia content.

With one click, take a deep-dive into the ultimate Purim experience, with content of all types for all ages.

Enjoy curated playlists of special moments highlighting the unbridled joy of Purim in 770.

Learn meaning and messages from the Megillah, taught by the Rebbe, in easy-to-understand curated clips.

Access videos of full Farbrengens, including several that have been produced and translated. Relive the entire incredible event of the Rebbe’s Purim Farbrengens.

Complete the picture with audio, photos, stories and transcripts.

Uplift your Purim and start experiencing now at

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