One Major Concern A New Kallah Does Not Need To Stress About

Highlighting Our Own: Weddings are a beautiful and exciting time for all the people involved, but when finances are tight it can add a whole layer of unneeded pressure on the families. The NCFJE Bridal Boutique provides something unique that no other organization does.

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It takes a person with a special sensitivity and unique radar to identify when there’s a vacuum in the resources offered to those in need. Dassie Hecht of the NCFJE Bridal Boutique found that particular gap in the wedding resources provided to kallahs, and opened a shop that provides beautiful Sheva Brachos outfits at no cost.

When a Kallah comes to the NCFJE Bridal Boutique, they walk into a dream shop filled with exquisite outfits fit for a kallah on her Sheva Brachos night. The store is stocked with classy handbags, elegant purses, quality jewelry and accessories to go along with the outfits. The Kallah comes at an appointed time and can shop like in any regular boutique, except this one is completely pricetag-free.

“I always wanted to help people, I just didn’t know in which particular way I could best contribute,” shares Dassie, the founder and director of the boutique. “Then I spoke to my aunt who said she sometimes was enjoined to take kallahs shopping for Sheva Brachos outfits. It hit me what a great idea it would be to make a place that would provide clothing in a dignified and exciting way for anyone who needed it for their wedding week.”

The clothing and accessories provided are a gift to the bride, not given on loan. In the four years since the organization opened, more than 430 awestruck and grateful kallahs left the shop laden with beautiful outfits, and as more people hear about this inspiring initiative, it gets busier each month.

The clothing racks are full of items that are either donated by sponsors, or purchased at wholesale price from frum companies who want to join the cause and provide whatever help they can. Some of the funds come from a yearly raffle the boutique holds and the rest is fundraised from generous donors.

“I couldn’t contain my excitement when I saw an outfit there that I saw in a different store and really wanted to buy but could not afford,” says one kallah. “I tried it on and it fit perfectly! The woman who was helping me was so happy for me, it was just the best experience.”

“Everything there is so beautiful,” another kallah who shopped there wrote. “I have no words to express how grateful I am for the presents I got from the boutique. It feels like shopping in a regular store.”

The bridal boutique is in Memory of Rebbetzin Chave Hecht a”h. The board includes Rebbetzin Laya Klein, Mrs. Subie Rubashkin, Mrs. Miri Gourarie, Mrs. Brocha Chein, and honorary member, Mrs. Raizel Wolvovsky a”h.

“My absolute favorite part of being involved in the organization is when I get to work in the store and see firsthand how necessary the cause is and how amazed, delighted and so relieved people are that we can help,” explains Dassi. “It really is a great way to mesameach chasan v’kallah.”

To join in this inspiring initiative and donate towards clothing for kallahs in their special time, go to or email [email protected].

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