One Bayis Winner Down, Two More To Go!

The winner of the Kuntres from the Rebbe has been announced. The winners of 6 months of rent or mortgage payments and round trip tickets to anywhere in the world remain to be drawn! Take part today!

The lucky winner of the Bayis Raffle’s Gimmel Tammuz sub raffle to receive a special kuntres that was distributed by the Rebbe has been announced:

Congratulations to Yaakov and Leah Banker from Israel!

The Bayis Raffle is still in full swing.

Join today to win 6 months of rent or mortgage payments!

Or, you might be the lucky winner of the second prize – round trip tickets to anywhere in the world, for your entire family!

The Bayis Raffle is being held in support of Machon Or HaChassidus, an organization that is dedicated to spreading the Rebbe’s sichos as far and wide as they are able to via their millions of daily and weekly publications, activities, and more!

Take part here!

For more information about Machon Or HaChassidus click here. 

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