Once Flourishing Community Experiences Jewish Revival

The renaissance of Yiddishkeit in Crimea was on display at the Hachnasas Sefer Torah ceremony held last week. Since the arrival of Rabbi Yechezkel Lazar and his family to Crimea four years ago, the city has experienced a revival of Jewish activity.

The renaissance of Yiddishkeit in Crimea was expressed at the Hachnasas Sefer Torah ceremony for a new Torah which was joyfully carried under a chupa canopy into the synagogue of Simferopol by community members, Rabbis and guests.

Since the arrival of shliach Rabbi Yechezkel Lazar and his family to the city about four years ago, there has been a revival of Jewish activity, especially since its history is rich with flourishing Jewish communities led by esteemed Rabbis. 

Prior to the writing of the final letters in the Torah, there was a concert and official ceremony attended by the Chief Rabbi of Russia Berel Lazar, government officials, and community representatives.

During this part of the program, it was announced that all Jewish organizations in Crimea would unite and be jointly represented before local and national authorities in full cooperation for the further development and prosperity of the Jewish communities and institutions. This will also assist in further building additional synagogues, mikvas, and educational institutions which will spread the light of Torah. 

The events were published by the local media, which caused a great Kiddush Hashem, and aroused many Jewish neshamos. The festivities concluded with a seudas mitzvah and Chassidic farbrengen, during which appreciation was expressed to the donor of the Torah, Mr. Pinchas Slabodnik, owner of Moscow’s largest Kosher Catering.


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