Once A 770 Bochur, Always A 770 Bochur

Rabbi Zalman Vishedsky, a shliach in Basel, Switzerland reflects on a memorable exchange that he had with Reb Itche Springer, the Menahel of the 770 Yeshiva, and how it impacted his perspective ever since. Tomorrow, take part in the 770 Yeshiva’s Adopt A Bochur Campaign and win up to $100,000!

Rabbi Zalman Vishedky found himself in 770 on a Friday when he was approached by Reb Itche Shpringer Z”L and given a coin to give to Tzedakah, as was the custom in those days.

Rabbi Vishedsky was confused, why did the Menahel give him a coin when he was no longer a student?

“But, I’m no longer a student!” he exclaimed, incredulous.

Reb Itche responded with a loving smile, “one never leaves from the Yeshiva”.

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