On Grand Mivtza Trip, Chovevei Bochurim Bid for Even More Learning

As a reward for their diligent learning, talmidim of Chovevei Mesivta were rewarded with a grand trip to ice skating, bowling, and a day at Hudson Valley Resort. But when it came time for kibuddim at krias haTorah, the bochurim were all in for more learning commitments.

At Chovevei Torah Mesivta, Yud Shevat is not just a special and auspicious day in itself, but a culmination of rigorous hachana (preparations) leading up to it. The true acceptance of the Rebbe’s nesiyus is manifested through the diligent observance of shmiras hasedarim and the pursuit of excellence in learning during seder.

To motivate the bochurim and make the hachana more enjoyable, a rigorous mivtza was arranged by the Hanhala. The Mivtza comprised of five parts:

  • עבודה עם עצמו: Speaking with their משפיע and take on a new hachlata.
  • לימוד תורתו: Coming to Seder Sichos 3 times each week and getting marked. Then either write a summary or pass the test.
  • לימוד בהתמדה: Getting at least 80% התמדה at each סדר.
  • שמירת הזמנים בדיוק: Being seated at their place ready to begin learning by the first second of each סדר ותפילה.
  • מאמר בע”פ: Learning the מאמר באתי לגני well. Getting tested by one of the shluchim. Minimum 3 אותיות at a time. Bonus: Learn באתי לגני תשמ”ד, תשכ”ד for additional points.

On Wednesday morning, the bochurim arrived at the yeshiva, started with the usual chassidus and shachris, followed by breakfast, and then boarded the bus. The first stop was an ice skating rink, which was a lot of fun! This was followed by a delicious pizza lunch. The non-stop action continued with a visit to a bowling alley. After an exciting round of bowling, they davened mincha and then got back on the buses.

Their next destination was the Hudson Valley Resort, where they arrived and began with maariv, followed by supper. They then settled down and started the on-site games, which included swimming and other games such as hockey. This was followed by a farbrengen/kumzits in the lobby.

The next day, Thursday, started with a visit to the mikvah by the pool, followed by chassidus and shachris.

An initiative by Rabbi Meir Rodal, being that Thursday was a day for Kriyas HaTorah, saw bochurim compete with each other to receive Aliya’s. These Aliya’s came with a twist: Bochurim were able to place bids with amounts of Torah that they would commit to learning throughout the year to “buy” their bid. Below are listed the successful winners of these Aliya’s:

For פתיחה, both מרדכי עווערס and משה רוזענבערג committed to learning 200 אותיות לקוטי שיחות.

For כהן, had שמעון ריבקין, לוי יעקוביען and ר’ קדנר commit to learning 100 אותיות מאמרים.

Another round for כהן had משה נח הכהן פרימאן commit to learning 160 עמודים גמרא.

For שלום רטשסטער, לוי committed to learning 2000 סעיפים שולחן ערוך.

Another round for לוי had שמואל דענברג committing to 70 תפילין for מבצע תפילין.

For שלישי had יהושע רייניץ committing to learn 400 letters from אגרות קודש.

Another round for שלישי had מרדכי הכהן רעדל commit to 300 lines of תניא בע’’פ

With regards to הגבהה, גלילה, both מנחם דובינסקי and צבי ספרין committed to learning 900 minutes of ענניני גאומ”ש.

Another round for הגבהה, גלילה, went to מ”מ גוטליב who committed to learn 1000 משניות.

After breakfast, they engaged in various activities and games. Lunch was followed by the usual seder nigleh, under the guidance of Rabbi Klein, Rabbi Rodal, Rabbi Labkowsky and Rabbi Cadaner. This was followed by mincha, supper, maariv, and then departure.

This Mivtza, along with many past, present and future Mivtzahs throughout the year empowers the Bochurim to blast through the year with tremendous passion for the Rebbe’s directives and ideals. If you would like to be a part of it, please email [email protected] or visit https://www.chovevei.com/donate/ for a tax-deductible donation.

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