Live: Exploring Reb Yoel’s Impact and Legacy

Full Replay: An online program in English explores Reb Yoel Kahn‘s impact on our generation and the legacy that he left us.

Reb Yoel Kahn spent seven decades elucidating and disseminating Chassidus and the Rebbe’s Torah. Many thousands learned from Reb Yoel directly, and countless more learned from him through his audio recordings and the printed word. And through his students, he influenced practically every individual who learned Chassidus Chabad.

This program, titled “Mashpia of a Generation,” will explore some of Reb Yoel’s impact and his legacy. The program marks Reb Yoel’s first yahrtzeit on 6 Av.

Presenting will be Rabbi Shimon Hellinger, Rosh Yeshiva of Kingston Mesivta, and joining him will be Rabbi Leibel Schapiro, Rosh Yeshiva – Yeshiva Gedola Miami, Rabbi Moshe Wolberg, Rosh Yeshiva – Kfar Chabad Yeshiva, Rabbi Yaakov Winner, Mashpia – Yeshiva Gedola Melbourne, Rabbi Chaim Chazan, Rosh Yeshiva – Dnieper Mesivta, and Rabbi Mendel Vechter, Rosh Kolel – Nachlas Har Chabad.

The program was broadcast on Wednesday, 6 Av – August 3 at 5 pm ET at and on


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  1. The video is only 7.28 minutes of Rabbi Hellinger. Where are the rest of the announced speakers?

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