Ohr Menachem is First Crown Heights Cheder to Open

In accordance with the Rebbe’s clear directive, Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights held their first day of cheder on 3 Elul, even as many camps are still in session. Students were welcomed with a special gathering and treats.

Wednesday, Gimmel Elul, was a hot day in Crown Heights, only a few days into August. Yet, in the streets of Crown heights one might have noticed a curious scene: Children were wearing regular button-down dress-shirts. Was that a new camp uniform?

The explanation was far simpler. In accordance with the Rebbe’s wishes and clear directive, Cheder Ohr Menachem of Crown Heights held its first day of cheder on Wednesday, the 1st Crown Heights school to open post vacation.

After the talmidim had a chance to catch up on their summer experiences, the program began. The welcome at Cheder began with a Kinus of Torah, Tefilla and Tzedoka. Talmidim were addressed and heard Shofar from the Rabbi Zalman Goldstein, a member of the school’s hanhala. Menahel Rabbi Mendel Yusewitz then explained the unique time of Chodesh Elul, where the King is close and smiling to us, giving us the koach to step up a notch for the shnas halimudim 5782.

Vice principal Rabbi Yossef Overlander gave every talmid a coin for tzedoka, and they were introduced to their new melamed.

At the end of the day, every melamed gave his Talmidim a special treat – a taste of Torah’s sweetness.

Unlike all years, this year cheder began two days into Elul, later then previous year, to enable all staff to attend the annual Kinus Hamechanchim. Following the first day, melamdim met to share their take-aways from the 2-day kinus retreat, briefing and planning for the new year together


The Rebbe’s words:

יש לקצר זמן החופש וכידוע מרז”ל […] תעזבני יום יומיים אעזבך […] תקותי שאצל חלק חשוב מהתלמידות יפעלו שינוי זה שעכ”פ יקצרו בזמן החופש” -אג”ק ח”ט עמוד ק”פ

מובן ופשוט אשר אין זה מספיק להכין תלמידים-ות אפילו במקצת לימי הסליחות והענינים דחודש תשרי, ולכן בודאי שבכל בתי הספר יתחילו הלימודים קודם לזה ומה טוב בתחילת חודש הרחמים הוא חודש אלול -אגרות קודש חי”א עמ’ שלא

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