Ohr Menachem – Cheder Campaign in the Summer?

While thinking of summer vacation the last that would come to mind is school. However, when you walk the streets of the Rebbe’s shchuna, you’ll see groups of boys wearing uniform shirts, tucked in and ready for class. Here’s the story behind it.

Decrying the summer months when children have ‘vacation’ from learning, The Rebbe came out with a call: Chadorim and Yeshivos stay open! – “The children need to know “כי הם חיינו” Torah is our life!”

The efforts required to keep a mosad running are enormous. A cheder open during the summer limits parents, teachers and acharon choviv, the kinderlach who know others who are away at camp…

Cheder Ohr Menachem undertook to heed this call. On one hand we give the children a solid learning program with their year-long teachers, while simultaneously giving them an exciting afternoon, ensuring them the enjoyable summer they deserve!

With Hashem’s help we built a program that has our students learning with tremendous excitement: Melamdim have amazing dedication which keeping consistent learning in place. We add in learning with the special summer – Mishnayos baal peh program getting a buzz going in school.

Before the summer zman begins the boys receive a calendar (per division) that gives the peek ahead to the beautiful and exciting activities and trips they’ll be doing in the afternoon during camp hours- with their counselors. Baruch Hashem children are in school and learning until Tisha B’Av and resume on Rosh Chodesh Elul.

A special 2 days overnight trip -run by hanhala, teachers and counselors- concludes the year on a high!  

Our teachers and parents deserve enormous credit for this incredible feat! “דער רבי בלייבט נישט קיין בעל חוב”

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