Oholei Yosef Yitzchok School Purchases Its First Building

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch school of Crown Heights purchased its first building at 333 Albany Ave. 

Oholei Yosef Yitzchok Lubavitch school of Crown Heights purchased its first building at 333 Albany Ave. 

By hashgacha protis, the closing on the property began on the historic day of ט’ אדר and concluded on the following day י’ אדר – the day when the Frierdiker Rebbe arrived to America and came out with the public and famous directive that אמעריקא איז נישט אנדערש. 

“There was great Hashgocha Protis and an unfolding miracle in every detail of the development of this project,” says Mila Schneiderman, OYYL Director. “We are humbled at the outpouring of support we received from the members of our community and beyond. We are grateful to Hashem and the Rebbe for the constant brochos and inspiration to keep us moving towards our goal.” 

OYYL would like to thank their office manager, Sophia Azoulay, for being a constant source of support every step of the way;  their Educational Directors, Mottel Schneiderman and Leah Goldshtein, and their dedicated teachers for keeping the ruchnius of their students elevated to create proper keilim to manifest this brocha

Gratitude must also be extended to the seller, Harry Abramowitz, whose desire to sell the building to the yeshiva meant that he kept the building off the market for 5 years until the purchase could be completed. We are thankful to our dedicated parents, Chona and Chana Gewirts and Meir Kabakow for their outstanding dedication and support throughout this purchase and beyond. Special thanks to Rabbi Zalman Wilhelm of Bnos Menachem, for valuable advice, guidance, and support. We are thankful to Israel Weinstock for feeling the needs of our organization and getting us a perfect mortgage. We are thankful to Elchonon Shagalow and Shmuel Brummel for helping us to get the needed funding to close on the property. We are thankful to Zalman Kolmar for his tireless efforts to get us financing. We have been waiting for 13 years for this moment, and bless everyone whose hand touched this project with abundance and prosperity in gashimius and ruchnius!” 

“With much gratitude to Hashem and excitement I would like to express my endless gratitude towards everyone who was involved in making this purchase a reality,” says Rabbi Mottel Schneiderman, OYYL Ed. Director. “This is something that absolutely couldn’t have happened without constant guidance and the brochos of the Rebbe! It’s nothing short of a miracle and it makes us humbled and happy to be merited with the ability to follow the Rebbe’s words and to see with our physical eyes how the plan that the Rebbe had prepared for us is unfolding in the most miraculous way. To mark this miracle we had a Seudas Hoidoo with our Talmidim with complete Emuna and Bitochoin that every single word of the Rebbe is exact and we will be merited with complete Geulah led by our Rebbe right now!” 

The building will undergo remodeling to make it suitable for classrooms and will be used primarily for the use of OYYL Preschool for this upcoming school year. 

To learn more about OYYL programs visit www.OYYL.org  

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