Oholei Torah to Open Summer Program for Zal Bochurim

The board of Oholei Torah announced a new summer program for Zal bochurim, located in newly purchased campgrounds in Pennsylvania, and led by Rabbi Fishel Oster. A special discount will be given for talmidim of Oholei Torah.

By Anash.org reporter

The board of Oholei Torah announced a new summer program for Zal bochurim, to give them an opportunity to sit and learn through the summer, and avoid the stress of finding a something to do each summer.

In a letter sent to the parent body of Oholei Torah Zal, menahel Rabbi Elchonon Lesches explained why the new summer program was created.

“On many occasions the Rebbe spoke about the necessity of Yeshivos remaining open throughout the summer. Just like one takes no break from life, so too, learning in Yeshiva should not be interrupted,” he wrote.

“Although, in past years, there was a yeshiva program for Zal, either in one setting or another — enabling talmidim to continue learning over the summer—it has been a number of years that this option is not available, leaving talmidim without a place to continue learning. Additionally, many talmidim experience a stress and frustration finding an appropriate place for the summer—leaving some without viable options, thereby forcing them to spend the summer without a proper learning structure,” he wrote.

The parents were informed that in light of the above, a new Yeshivas Kayitz for Zal would be opened for the upcoming summer.

The location of the Yeshivas Kayitz will be in newly purchased campgrounds in Pennsylvania, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, and will run from Wednesday, June 23rd 2021 (13 Tammuz) to Monday, August 16th 2021 (8 Elul).

The menahel and mashpia of the Yeshivas Kayitz will be Rabbi Fishel Oster, and Rabbi Lipman Heller will serve as Magid Shiur for nigleh. Hatomim Shmuel Klyne will join the yeshiva faculty for the Gemara Girsa and will be available to help the talmidim with whatever they need in their learning. Rabbi Shmuel Shur will be coming to give shiurim in chassidus and farbrenging with talmidim on a steady basis.

Parents sending their sons from other yeshivos will be charged a tuition of $1000 for the full summer. However, at the decision of the board, a steep discount will be offered for talmidim of Beis Medrash Oholei Torah, with parents only asked to participate with a minimal fee of $360 for the entire summer.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the Board of Directors for their dedication and vision in making this a reality, and for carrying this financial burden,” Rabbi Lesches wrote. “We look forward to a great summer both begashmius and beruchnius.”

For more information and to register: ykkingston.com/application/beis-medrash

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