Oholei Torah Staff Unites Around a New Sefer Torah

In the spirit of Hakhel members of the staff and faculty of Oholei Torah, along with their families, gathered for a siyum and hachnosas sefer Torah written in their honor.

In the spirit of Hakhel and following the joyous Yom Tov of Shavuos, the members of the staff and faculty of Oholei Torah, along with their families, gathered for a siyum and hachnosas sefer Torah written in their honor and zechus. The event took place on Isru Chag HaShavuos.

This special occasion was initiated and dedicated by Rabbi Nosson Blumes, a long-standing member of the Oholei Torah Administration. He felt it was important to do something extraordinary and unique for everyone involved in this institution. “There are many individuals who dedicate themselves to this mossad chinuch, going above and beyond their duties,” Rabbi Blumes remarked. “They view their roles as a Shlichus, and they truly deserve utmost proper recognition, and what better way then uniting together and receiving all the brochos that come from a new sefer torah.”

Close to 300 names of staff and faculty were embroidered on the Mantel, making it even more special and personal to each staff member. Included also were the three pillars of the mossad, Reb Michoel Teitelbaum, R Dovid Deitsch and R’ Yosef Chaim Rosenfeld, a”h. The names of all the staff and families were read at the Ohel before the event.

The gathering began at the Blumes residence, where sofer Rabbi Moshe Klein guided and assisted all those who wrote the final letters. From there, the sefer Torah was passed from person to person, and everyone present had the opportunity to hold and share in this momentous occasion. The Sefer Torah was then brought to Oholei Torah, where it will be utilized by the talmidim.

Hakafos were conducted in the Raitport Beis Medrash, followed by a Seudas Mitzvah in the Heichal Shmuel Dining Hall.

The following morning, the Sefer Torah was read from various minyonim, with the minhogim connected with reading a sefer torah the first time,  and the talmidim received special treats after the shacharis minyan.

One of the teachers commented on the sense of unity and joy, expressing, “Ashreinu, how fortunate we are to be part of this mosad Torah, and now we have the privilege of being united with a Sefer Torah!”

The funds to secure this sefer Torah were provided in memory of Mr. Sam Luffman, Shmuel Leizer ben Yitzchok, may his memory be a blessing. Mr. Luffman was a relative of the Blumes family and a supporter of Oholei Torah. He passed away earlier this year.

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