Oholei Torah Power Auction 5784: A Student Living the Rebbe’s Vision

Mendy has many dreams for his future. He wants to be a shliach like his uncle Moishy, He wants to be a lamdan like his Zeide, He wants to be a ba’al chesed like his father.

“יגדל להיות חסיד ירא שמיים ולמדן”

It’s Mendy’s Bar Mitzvah, and his 7th grade Rebbi shakes his hand firmly in celebration of the significant milestone.

He turns to Mendy’s father and repeats the Rebbe’s famous bracha. Mendy grins and clears his throat to share the speech he prepared.

Mendy is a proud student at Oholei Torah. Since he was a little boy, his learning has been permeated with chassidishkeit and a deep love for Torah. But Mendy knows that a love for Torah on its own isn’t enough.

“Today, I got my first aliyah,” Mendy begins to say. He pauses to notice all of the faces smiling back at him. “I couldn’t have done it without all of you here today.”

When the Rebbe encouraged the launch of Oholei Torah in 5716, his mission statement was very clear. In order to apply a true חינוך על טהרת הקודש, it must be saturated – or in the Rebbe’s words “דורכגועדרונגען”- with three things:

אהבת השם
אהבת התורה
אהבת ישראל

Mendy has many dreams for his future. He wants to be a shliach like his uncle Moishy. He wants to be a lamdan like his Zeide, who knows every sicha of the Rebbe. He wants to be a ba’al chesed like his father, who frequently sponsors school programs and gives tzedakah generously.

As Mendy becomes a proud Bar Mitzvah, his education at Oholei Torah has taught him what it truly means to be a chossid, a yirei shamayim, and a lamdan. Each represents a different type of ahava. And each is essential in Mendy’s Avodas Hashem.

Mendy is living the Rebbe’s vision for the talmidim of Oholei Torah. The future of Lubavitch is dependent on chassidim like Mendy, and he is emPOWERed with a chayus to make a difference in his little world.

You see, we all have a battery pack that is encouraging our inspiration and connection. We all have a drive to create a powerfully charged future for ourselves and our children. With a deep love – for Hashem, for the Torah, and for our fellow neighbors and colleagues, we are fueled with the energy to truly make an impact.

Launching NOW, The Oholei Torah Power Auction 5784 emphasizes just that.

ReCHARGE your battery b’gashmius and b’ruchnius, expressing your love and support for Torah while receiving the chance to win a luxury vacation, a brand new kitchen, an elegant becher for your Shabbos table, or a flight to anywhere in the world.

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