Oholei Torah Mesivta Learns About Proper Tefillin Placement

A tefillin workshop at Oholei Torah Mesivta taught the bochurim the vital halachos regarding the correct place to put tefillin on the head.

A tefillin workshop was given by Rabbi Tzvi Schmalberg at Oholei Torah Mesivta on the second day of Rosh Chodesh Tammuz.

The bachurim learned the correct place to put tefillin on the head as stated in Shulchan Aruch, Siman 27 Se’if 9, which states that the tefillin must be placed on the head starting from where the roots of the hair grow until “the end of the soft spot of a baby’s head.”

The Taz explains that the entirety (100%) of the bayis must be where there is hair, not that some of the tefillin is above the roots of hair and the rest of the tefillin is below on the forehead. The halachic hairline, is how the hairline was when the male turned 13 years old.

The bachurim learned how to adjust the straps of the tefilin shel rosh to make it smaller or larger, and practiced as well with a hands-on workshop.

If you would like a workshop to be given at your yeshiva/cheder or shul, please contact Rabbi Tzvi Schmalberg at 929-420-2439.

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