Oholei Torah Congratulates the Lucky Winners

Prizes that made dreams come true and a powerful display of achdus as the Oholei Torah Power Auction 5784 comes to a close. 

Wow! What a powerful auction! The chayus and energy in the past three weeks was palpable, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Oholei Torah’s talmidim, mechanchim, and campaign leaders are immensely grateful for the tremendous energy and support extended from the entire community and beyond. Without each and every one of you, we wouldn’t have had a complete success story. 

A durchgedrungene chinuch has never been more relevant, and it’s all thanks to you!

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all our sponsors! 

In memory of a beloved Talmid, Hatomim Shmuel Karnowsky, a”h.


Brynie and Yuda Silverstein

Shmuli and Mimi Kopfstein

Elite Sterling

Tzfasman Jewelers

Prestige Embroidery

Drimmers Appliances

Machon Stam


Brooklyn Brokerage

Ultimate Design


MYS Buying Group

Raskin’s Fruit & Produce

Shapiro Matzah Center

Eber’s Liquor & Wine

Benz’s Fish

Empire Kosher

TOV Furniture

Leasing Direct

Kettle and Cord

Mikvah Meir

Everything But The Baby


We are pleased to announce the lucky winners of the Oholei Torah Power Auction 5784!  

Extra געלט: cash prize of $18,000 

The winner is Eliyahu S

אביסל מנוחה

4 night stay at the KMR Retreat, $7,000 value

The winner is Osher Karnowsky

A trip to ארץ ישראל? 

$3,600 travel credit to JOY Travel

The winner is Tsuriel & Adiel Eichenstein

Jewelry for your אשת חיל

$2,500 to Tzfasman Jewelers

The winner is Avremi Zuntz

A beautiful megillah or $2,000 credit at Machon Stam

The winner is C D Gross

A sterling שבת טיש:

$3,000 to Elite Sterling

The winner is Elite Diesel

An Amex מתנה 

$1,000 Amex Gift Card

The winner is Chana Sorkin

Groceries for the משפחה 

$1,000 credit to Empire Kosher

The winner is Shloimy and Mirele Greenwald

A Doona Stroller for your קינדער 

from Everything but the Baby

The winner is Aaron and Mina Sputz

A דורכגעדרונגענע car: $1,000 gas card

The winner is Schneur Polter

Dressed like a מענטש 

$2,000 to Boytique

The winner is chananya wechter

Custom Bookshelf and Seforim Package from Ultimate Design and Sossover

The winner is Eliezer G

A year of טהרה 

1 complimentary year to Mikva Meir 

The winner is Dovid K

The Jewish Home Collection by Prestige Embroidery with a value of $2,500 

The winner is isroel Benjaminson

Elevate your שטוב 

$2,500 to Drimmers Appliances

The winner is Mendel and Shterni Bendet

The Pesach Package that has is all

The winner is Mendel S

Get your work done faster: MacBook Pro for $1,500 

The winner is Yehuda and Brynie Silverstein

גוט מארגן Have a 

Breville Barista from Kettle and Cord 

The winner is Rabbi Hershel Lustig

The list would be too long to include every winner of the auction, because in truth, you are all winners! With a steadfast guarantee for supporters of our מוסד, we extend the Rebbe’s brachos for the individual needs of each person, both b’gashmius and b’ruchnius, with much harchava and nachas for years to come. 

Thank you Crown Heights! We are honored to provide a durchgedrungene chincuh for your precious קינדער. 

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