Oholei Torah Begins Work to Expand Playground

Photos: David Katash/Anash.org

Workers arrived at Oholei Torah’s campus on Eastern Parkway to clear the lot near the campus and prepare it to be a playground and play area for the children.

By Anash.org reporter

Time to learn, and time to play.

Workers were seen at Oholei Torah’s campus on Eastern Parkway this week, preparing the empty lot to serve as an expanded playground for the school’s children.

The lot at 699 Eastern Parkway was originally the site of a house adjacent to the school campus. Purchased by Oholei Torah a number of years back, the house was demolished two and a half years ago with the hope of using the area to expand the main building which houses the Oholei Torah Zal and elementary classroom.

As the process dragged on, the lot remained empty, and was instead used as a play area for elementary classes, joining the playground which stood slightly behind them. Prior to the new school year, the decision was made to expand the playground and sports area into the full lot, and prepare it to properly host such activities.

Workers began arriving at the lot this week, and began removing the gates, clearing the area, and breaking up the concrete. Work is expected to continue for a number of weeks, after which the entire lot will be fit and ready for the school’s children to enjoy themselves during recess and other times.

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