Odessa is Still Under Attack, and the Shluchim Need Your Help

As Odessa remains under Russian attack, shliach Rabbi Avraham Wolff is turning to Yidden around the world to help him rescue those who can leave and help the many who are unable to escape.

Dear Friend!

I am writing to you before the holiday that celebrates freedom from the slavery, thanking you with excitement and great love, for your great help for rescuing and maintaining the Jews of Odessa in Ukraine.

We are now in a situation where every day is an opportunity to save as many lives as possible. A huge responsibility fell on us. Holding hundreds of wives without their husbands, and orphaned children in Berlin, which is huge costs for us!

My wife Chaya is with them in Berlin while I am in Odessa with 20,000 Jews in our city, each of whom needs different help to cover their basic needs, including medicine and food. We get hundreds of calls every day asking for help, people just WANT TO LIVE.

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(As I write the letter to you an alarm has started, but I do not stop writing my letters, because at the moment I am thinking of the lives of thousands of Jews, and unable to think of myself!) I must help everyone, but without external support I cannot do this physical. And that’s exactly what you did, you provided the right help, at the right moment to the people who need it so much. You did what you could do, and in doing so you helped me save Jews, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And you did not miss it. Thank you so much for that!

All the blessings and Happy and Kosher Pesach!
Peace be upon Israel!

Rabbi Avraham Wolff
Chief Rabbi of Odessa and Southern Ukraine

Please Help the Jews of Odessa.

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