Oak Park Community Hosts 150 for Children’s Hakhel Event

The Oak Park community gathered for a Children’s Hakhel Event on the last day of Chol Hamoed. The event included a raffle with prizes, and an entertainer, and had almost 150 people in attendance.

The Oak Park community gathered for a Hakhel event on the last day of Chol HaMoed. The focus was on the children who recited the 12 pesukim and enjoyed a raffle for prizes and books and a special entertainer.

The program was well prepared with worksheets for all ages to help them listen and focus. To make sure the boys and girls understood, the program was stopped several times in the middle to catch everyone up.

The event attracted nearly 150 people and was put together by the Shmotkin, Levertov, and Glitzinstein families.

In addition to the large Hakhel Chol Hamoed gathering, the Oak Park community hosted speeches each evening of Pesach between mincha and maariv. The speakers were from various guests who were staying in the community for Pesach including Rabbi Mendel Greenberg and Rabbi Levi Baruch.

The community also hosted a Moshiach Seuda with opening words by Yeshiva head Rabbi Chaim Gershon Steinmetz. Throughout the evening, Rabbi Yerachmiel Raibin and Rabbi Mendel Klyne also spoke. The Moshiach Seduda continued long into the night after Yom tov had ended.

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