NYPD Boosts Presence in Crown Heights for Yom Tov

Community update from the Jewish Future Alliance: Boosted NYPD Presence, Labor Day 770 Concerns addressed, Citibike installations, and new zoning applications filed.

Update from the Jewish Future Alliance.

NYPD Boosts Presence in Crown Heights for Yom Tov

As Yom Tov brings thousands of visitors to the Crown Heights community, the NYPD has confirmed a substantial increase in police presence, continuing a tradition from previous years. Officers will be strategically stationed throughout the neighborhood to ensure safety and security.

If residents have specific locations in mind that they believe require additional police presence, they are encouraged to reach out to the NYPD’s Community Affairs division at their local precinct. Alternatively, they can contact the Jewish Future Alliance, which will facilitate contact with the precinct’s Community Affairs office.

Due to the increased traffic in the area, starting Thursday, NYPD traffic personnel will be stationed on Kingston Avenue to assist in ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. We extend a special thanks to the NYPD 71st Precinct for their accommodation and dedication to the community’s needs.

It is important for everyone to remain vigilant and alert. Any suspicious activities should be promptly reported to law enforcement to maintain a safe and secure environment for all.

Labor Day 770 Parade: Crowd Control Challenge Addressed for Future Years

The annual Labor Day Parade draws hundreds of thousands of participants from all over the country. The NYPD typically sets up double barricades to facilitate access to and from 770, maintaining a clear perimeter for those attending the shul. However, this year, during the morning and afternoon, there was a shortage of barricades, leading to crowds gathering on the steps and in front of the entrance, causing difficulties for those trying to enter and exit the Shul. After contacting the NYPD, they acknowledged the problem and attributed it to the parade returning to its original size, leading to the barricade shortage. However, they assured us that steps would be taken to prevent a recurrence of this situation in the coming years.

Brooklyn Launches Comprehensive Voluntary Curbside Composting Program for All Residents Starting October 2, 2023

In a move aimed at promoting sustainable waste management, the borough of Brooklyn is set to roll out Curbside Composting for all its residents, starting on October 2, 2023.

Under this new initiative, compost will be collected on residents’ designated recycling days. While leaf and yard waste separation will be a mandatory requirement, food scraps and food-soiled paper will only become mandatory in 2025. Residents are encouraged to place these materials in any labeled bin with a capacity of 55 gallons or less, equipped with a secure lid, or in the DSNY brown bin, paper lawn and leaf bag, or clear plastic bag. Twigs and branches should be bundled with twine and placed adjacent to the bins or bags.

To facilitate residents’ participation in the program, free bins can be ordered here 

Citibike Installation Update:  

Citibike has been recently installed on the side of the Market Place building. The roadbed station originally planned for Midwood Street & Kingston Avenue has been relocated to the sidewalk adjacent to The Market Place on Kingston Avenue & East New York Avenue in response to requests from the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council.

Two Zoning Applications Filed in Crown Heights

962-972 Franklin Avenue

A zoning map amendment is being proposed, changing the zoning from R6A to R8A and R8A/C2-4. Additionally, a zoning text amendment to map a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Area, and Special Permit ZR 74-533 for the reduction of required accessory off-street parking spaces are being sought. These changes aim to facilitate the development of a new 472,474-square-foot, 14-story mixed-use project. This development will comprise 373,800 square feet of residential space (475 dwelling units, including 152 MIH units) and 103,556 square feet of commercial space. 

Community members will have the opportunity to express their support or opposition at Community Board 9 meetings and at ULURP committee (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure) meetings.

975 Nostrand Avenue

975 Nostrand Avenue Zoning Application for FRESH Food Store Nostrand Green LLC is currently seeking approval for a zoning certification and authorization [ZR 63-22 and ZR 63-30] to enable the establishment of a FRESH food store within a new 9-story mixed-use development. This development encompasses a total area of 250,406 square feet and includes 328 dwelling units (DU’s), with 224,770 square feet allocated for residential use and an additional 21,265 square feet designated for FRESH food retail. The FRESH program will allow the developers an increase in the number of floors from 7 to 9.

The FRESH program establishes grocery stores in underserved areas with fresh produce. Property owners in mixed-use districts can construct larger buildings with reduced parking if they include a FRESH supermarket. NYC’s Industrial Development Agency provides tax incentives for eligible FRESH food stores.

This update aims to raise community awareness and encourage active participation in the democratic process. We’ll continue to update you about neighborhood developments.

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