NYC Bracing for ‘Dangerous’ Sub-Zero Temperatures

Arctic air is expected to bring sub-zero temperatures and high winds to areas across the tri-state on Friday night and Shabbos.

Temperatures will plummet to the teens and single digits in New York City this weekend, with sub-zero wind chills expected Friday night as part of an Arctic air mass that will pummel the Northeast with some of the coldest air it’s seen in five years.

Upstate New York and New England will see wind chills between negative 40 and negative 50 degrees thanks to a polar vortex descending from the northwest.

The bone-chilling weather, which comes just a week after record-high monthly temperatures were recorded in Central Park, will move into the New York metro area from the Midwest beginning on Friday when temperatures will drop to single-digit lows.

The worst of the cold will be felt on Saturday morning as temperatures drop between negative 20 and single digits above and below zero, according to Fox Weather. Record lows windchill of negative 30 degrees could be seen in Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, and Bridgeport, Connecticut.

New York City may see windchills between negative 10 and negative 20.

Snow squalls are expected to dump a half-inch to an inch of snow and rapidly dropping visibility along the edge of the cold air, according to Fox Weather.

Wind gusts could reach 45 miles per hour, according to the National Weather Service, which warned that hypothermia is possible “if proper precautions are not taken.” Frostbite can occur in as little as 15 to 30 minutes on exposed skin, NWS said. 

The frigid weather will be short-lived, though, as temperatures will rise to the mid-40s on Sunday.

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