NW London Preps for Matan Torah

By Anash.org reporter

Not to be outdone by Melbourne, a group of yungeleit in London held their own ma’amorim learning initiative.

When a group of Anash in London read about how Melbourne divided all the Rebbe’s maamorim and learned them all under one roof at one time, they decided they wouldn’t be left behind.

Some 40 yungeleit from across North West London showed up on Wednesday night at the Heichel Menachem shul – under the leadership of Rav Gedalia Lieberman – to learn the Rebbe’s six mugah’dige (edited) ma’amorim on Shavuos. One participant told Anash.org that “this was the best and most proper way to prepare for Shavuos. G-d willing this program will continue and grow stronger,” he said.

The event was organized by “Vaad HaHiskashrus” of London.

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