School Policy: Not at All Costs

A Chabad school, which apparently had many students from non-Chabad homes, adopted a new policy requiring that all students daven Nusach Ari. This decision was made at an administrative meeting, despite the opposition of many parents. 

When the hanhala reported on their decision, the Rebbe asked:

  • Who was present [at the meeting where this decision was made]?
  • Where are the minutes of this meeting?
  • Is (forcing a change of nusach) allowed according to Shulchan Aruch?
  • In the hanhala’s opinion, how many existing students do they estimate will leave or new students join because of this decision?

In spite of a strong preference for Nusach Ari, the Rebbe did not want it to be forced on anyone, and certainly not if it would drive people away.

In school and at home, we must establish rules. But we must not forget their purpose: to help the child.

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