N’shei Chabad Brings the Message of Pesach Sheini to Thousands

On the heels of an extremely successful mivtzah matzah, where over 8,000 matzahs were delivered, Nishei Chabad also gave out matzah for Pesach Sheini along with flyers in Russian & English, explaining the meaning behind it.

In honor of Pesach Sheini, Nshei Chabad Mivtzoim happily prepared packages of pieces of Matzah with flyers in Russian & English, explaining the meaning of Pesach Sheini. They reached out and sent the Matzah to as many yidden as possible, along with a beautiful flyer about Lag Baomer and its customs.

We still remember the big efforts put in for Pesach itself, ensuring that the seniors will be able to have Shmurah Matza this Pesach. The Rebbe encouraged us many times to see to it that every yid has Shmurah Matza, at least for the Seder nights. So Nshei Chabad women reached out to lots of nursing homes, and Boruch Hashem distributed over 8,000 Matzos in the streets and supermarkets, and to approximately 45 Senior Homes.

Together with Rabbi Gerlitzky, many Sedarim were arranged as well. The seniors also received Pesach pamphlets and beautiful colored Haggadahs in Russian and English.

“It is never too late” to become a participant in this monumental Mivtza Matzah. This Mivtzah ran a budget of over $25,000. If you would like to partner with us, please do so by donating at mymivtzoim.com. In Zchus of this big Mivtza, may we merit to celebrate in the Bais Hamikdash Hashlishi right now!

As the Yom Tov of Shavuos is approaching, Nishei will give out delicious rugelach, to remind the yidden of the sweetness of the Torah. They are also arranging the reading of the Aseres Hadibros in many centers, for the seniors to be part of it.

May we be zoche to the Torah Chadasha Mei’iti Teitzei with Moshiach now!

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