Nostalgic “Uncle Yossi” Radio Show Now Available Online

The iconic ‘Tzivos Hashem on the Air’ programs, which were hosted by “Uncle Yossi” Goldstein for 555 weeks in the 80s, were remastered and are now available online.

“Shalom dear children and shalom to everyone.”

Sound familiar?

“This is your Uncle Yossi inviting you all, once again to come and enjoy another of our
weekly programs called…” Got it?

That’s right! – “Tzivos Hashem on the air!” Rabbi Yosef Goldstein hosted the popular children’s radio show called “Tzivos Hashem on the Air”, geared to all Jewish children in the NY listening area.

This program was held for 555 (!) consecutive weeks from the 12th of Kislev 5742 to the 10th of Teves, 5753. During this weekly half-hour program, the children absorbed a wealth of knowledge in many subjects in.

Most important were the memorable words, “The treat for the day, that’s right, story-time!”

Suspenseful stories were told by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein. Stories that imbued the children with Emunah, Bitachon, Yiras-Shamayim, and Middos-tovos.

One of the main highlights was the recital of the 12 holy words of Shema Yisroel and Baruch Shem.

This was done each week by a very young guest, namely, a child or several children together, and
occasionally – by an entire class, who would come to “Studio-604” and recite the Shema word-for-word, followed by thousands of yiddishe kiderlach who were joining in with the program.

For the first time ever and through much effort, these programs were recently gathered remastered, and prepared for dissemination.

Over 550 stories can now be found on The website, founded by Rabbi Chaim Levi Goldstein, Uncle Yossi’s son, also includes a treasure trove of chinuch gems such as the Rebbe’s approach to chinuch, sources on chinuch for tefilla, and more.

Click here to access the programs:

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  1. To access the Uncle Yossi treasure:
    a) visit
    b) click on the blue tab (Rabbi Goldstein’s stories)
    c) click on the folder “Uncle Yossi – Tzivos Hashem Radio Program”

    then choose any file to play.

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