Nosson’s Shul Hosts Grand Chanukah Party For Families

Nosson’s Shul held an outdoor menorah lighting and Chanukah celebration with a juggler, art projects for the kids, and a rally.

In honor of Chanukah, Nosson’s Shul held a grand Chanukah party for the families of the Shul. The party included an outdoor menorah lighting, activities for the children, and a festive meal.

The program began with special cookie decorating with Mrs. Musia Wilhelm. There was beautiful sand art and coloring projects as well. There was a delicious meal with latkes, pizza, french fries, vegetables, dips and fruit.

Following, was a rally where 12 children did the 12 פסוקים. There was then an awesome juggling show which left the children captivated.

“Thanks to our dedicated Chazzan, Schneur Simpson, who was honored with lighting the menorah,” shared one of the organizers. “The children received Chanukah gelt from Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm. We danced and sang and made a beautiful קידוש השם and פרסומי ניסא.

“The Nossons Shul חנוכה party on זאת חנוכה was a huge success! Thank you to all those who sponsored, came, participated, and made the party into what it was!”

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