NJ LifeTown Dedicates Exhibit About Rebbe on 3 Tammuz

Friendship Circle in Livingston, N.J., marked Gimmel Tammuz with the installation of an interactive exhibit about the Rebbe, which includes photos and videos showing the Rebbe’s love and care for every individual.

Friendship Circle in Livingston, N.J., marked Gimmel Tammuz with the installation of an interactive exhibit about the Rebbe, which includes photos and videos showing the Rebbe’s love and care for every individual. The exhibit is prominently featured in the new welcome area inside LifeTown (www.LifeTown.com).

The exhibit was dedicated by Larry and Barbara Ellberger, who credit the Rebbe for so many blessings in their lives. “I like to think of the Rebbe as Hashem’s gift to the world,” Larry Ellberger said during the dedication. “Like he gifted manna that sustained the Jewish people in the physical desert of the Sinai, the Rebbe sustained the Jewish people in the spiritual desert that exists in this generation.”

He continued, “I think Hashem’s gift of the Rebbe is even better than the gift of the manna, because, as we know, the manna stopped after 40 years, but the Rebbe is the gift that keeps on giving.”

The exhibit contains a collection of images of the Rebbe, including interacting with children and with injured Israel Defense Forces soldiers. It also includes an interactive video kiosk where visitors can watch videos of the Rebbe.

According to Rabbi Zalman Grossbaum, Director of Friendship Circle and LifeTown in New Jersey, the timing of the dedication could not be better. “The Rebbe continues to inspire everything we do at Friendship Circle and LifeTown, so it is especially meaningful that we dedicated the exhibit on Gimmel Tammuz.”

The display was created in partnership with JEM and the video kiosk features all of JEM’s 70 Years videos (www.70years.com). The documentary-style videos on a wide array of subjects appeal both to those who know about the Rebbe and to the many who may not be familiar with the Rebbe teachings.

“It’s very exciting to us to help create this installation,” said Rabbi Elkanah Shmotkin, executive director of JEM. “Working with the Shluchim at LifeTown was a great experience because they were focused and worked collaboratively with our team. It’s especially meaningful that the exhibit focuses on individuals with special needs, because that’s an area that is so near and dear to the Rebbe.”

Rabbi Levi Grossbaum, director of operations at LifeTown, worked extensively with the team at JEM to create the exhibit. “We are so appreciative to everyone at JEM for their commitment to this project and for going above and beyond to create this exhibit. The curators and programmers worked hard to find the appropriate photos and videos to bring the Rebbe’s message of inclusion and love to everyone visits LifeTown,” Levi said. “These messages resonate now more than ever.”

While all Chabad houses have a photo of the Rebbe prominently displayed, the interactive video kiosk that was created for LifeTown will be available for shluchim around the world to replicate. Each kiosk can be adapted to the specific needs or interests of individual Chabad houses and can utilize the amazing collection of videos that JEM produced as part of the 70 Years project.

“The Rebbe taught that as the world evolves, we need to embrace technological advancements and to explore new opportunities that they present,” said Yaakov Rozenblat, director of technology at JEM. “These interactive exhibits have been requested many times by Shluchim, but this is the first time it’s been put into practice. This project brought together the creativity and expertise of the Shluchim at LifeTown and great content on our end. We were thrilled to do this with LifeTown, and we are sure it will spur others as well.”

Added Zalman, “Every day people are being inspired by the Shluchim sharing the Rebbe’s message. Having this video kiosk will bring the Rebbe’s message directly to people on their own level and in a setting they feel comfortable in, making it all the more accessible and personal.”

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