Nightly Summer Shiurim Series Launched for Anash

The Summer Learning Program hit series is returning for Summer 5783, each week there will be Shiurim on a variety of intriguing topics by leading magidei shiurim.

Are you bored with the long summer nights? 

Want to keep busy with something meaningful?

Join the Summer Learning Program with nightly Shiurim by leading magidei shiurim with Refreshments Served!

At Mishkan Moshe Center, 580 Crown St. 

Shiur starts at 8:15 PM. Followed by Maariv at 9:10 PM

Kicking off the series will be: 

Monday night – Yud Daled Tammuz

Rabbi Getzel Rubashkin

מאמר עשרה שיושבין

The importance and Maailah of limud haTorah ברבים. 

Tuesday night – Tes Vov Tammuz

Rabbi Levke Kaplan

‘מאמר קודש ישראל לה 

The deveikus of davening during the week versus the deveikus of Shabbos.

Wednesday night – Tes Zayin Tammuz

JLI Course: Worrier to Warrior: Jewish Secrets to Feeling Good However You Feel.

Stream the Shiurim at

Find more shiurim and torah podcasts at

The Summer Learning Program is a joint project of Irgun Torah & MEF 

Come join and learn something new and meaningful every night!

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