Newly Revamped Semicha Program at 770 Yeshiva

Central Yeshiva Tomchei Tmimim at 770 opens registration for its Semicha program for the upcoming year, and, announces that the learning of the Halachos will begin in Chodesh Elul for the first time.

The Hanhala of the Central Tomchei Tmimim at 770 has announced a number of improvements and changes to the organization and structure of its long-standing Semicha program for the upcoming year, as part of an ongoing effort to make receiving Semicha easily achievable to anyone studying in 770, in accordance with the Rebbe’s instruction to the students of the Yeshiva in 5712.

While in the past the learning of the Halachos only began at the beginning of Chodesh Cheshvan, it has been decided, that starting from this coming zman, the learning will begin in Chodesh Elul, thus augmenting the learning period by close to two months, to give the talmidim ample time to properly learn the required material. Talmidim that are still on Shlichus during Elul will have the option to join remotely and continue with everyone else after Tishrei.

Additionally, two brand new meshivim dedicated exclusively to this group have been hired already at the start of this year, Rabbi Yaakov Gurwitz and Rabbi Mordechai Sternberg. The talmidim will also have access to senior meshivim Rabbi Avrohom Osdaba, and Rabbi Yaakov Goldberg. All meshivim are proficient in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English.

Other enhancements include a detailed learning schedule and set dates for tests, a text group for timely updates, a Gemach catering to participants in need, and a state-of-the-art online test booking system where talmidim (or their parents) can book their desired test in the language of their choice well in advance, providing them peace of mind in knowing ahead of time exactly when they will be tested.

Next year’s newly structured curriculum will include Hilchos Melicha, Basar Bechalav, Ta’aruvos, and Ma’achalei Akum to be completed before the summer, and Hilchos Birkas Hanehenin to be undertaken during the summer or immediately thereafter. To download the complete list of required simanim click here.

Shiurim will be delivered by Rosh HaYeshiva Rabbi Zalman Labkowsky twice weekly in Yiddish for the English and Yiddish-speaking group, and twice weekly in Hebrew for the Hebrew-speaking cohort.

Aside from a nominal registration fee ($25 before Chof Av, $45 afterward), the program is completely free of charge for all enrolled students in the Yeshiva.

To register head to For additional info, questions, and pricing for non-students, email Rabbi Ahron Liberow at [email protected].

For a compilation of the Rebbe’s sichos, igros, and ma’anos on the importance of receiving Semicha published in honor of the Yeshiva’s annual Semicha celebration earlier this year click here.

If you have already completed Semicha, you can take your learning to the next level by registering for 770’s advanced Dayanus program here. If you haven’t yet registered for the Yeshiva for the upcoming year you can do so here.

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