Newly Revamped Moshiach Resource Site Hits the Web

The team has revamped their website, presenting materials and resources in a user-friendly and visually appealing manner, and empowering users of all ages to learn and experience the concepts of Moshiach and Geulah.

Six weeks before Gimmel Tammuz, The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302 launched Project ‘It’s Time To Know’, a campaign to learn the four Dvar Malchus Sichos.

The inspiration that followed was palpable; the realization that learning about Moshiach in a clear and understandable way is completely achievable was eye opening.

The team at has decided not to stop there!

It became clear that when the topic of Moshiach is presented in a clear, appealing manner, the study becomes both pleasant and empowering.

More than that, however, the professional materials prepared for this initiative makes this a perfect resource for anyone to use when pondering how to learn or teach about Moshiach U’Geula.

With this in mind, the team have revamped the entire website, making it sleek and user friendly. Materials and resources are now easy to navigate and highly accessible.

The six different curriculums are available for free to be used in schools, camps and other learning sessions. The website goes beyond just learning materials and also contains a farbreng and experience section, which includes recordings of the 26 hour long Farbrengen that took place on 28 Nissan, as well as the Siyum-in-a-File package

Also available for sale on the website is the new full Dvar Malchus by Sichos In English. A highly sought-after volume that has just recently been printed, containing the resources produced by SIE for project ‘It’s Time To Know’, with much more!

“With the success of this model,” explains the website director, Rabbi Chaim Feigelstock, “We plan to continue adding materials and resources with the goal of making the learning of Moshiach and Geulah more accessible and professional than ever before.”

“It’s Time To Click”

Go to now to see it for yourself!

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