Newly Printed Sefer HoErchim Entry Has Special Connection to 20 Av

A newly published excerpt from an unpublished volume of Sefer HoErchim by Reb Yoel Kahn was printed by Kehos to mark the end of his shiva. The entry has a special connection to Chof Av as well.

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A never-before published entry from Sefer HoErchim, the encyclopedia of concepts and ideas from Chassidus authored by Reb Yoel Kahn, was printed by Kehos Publication Society to mark the end of his shiva.

For close to fifty years, Reb Yoel worked countless hours to write Sefer HoErchim. Widely viewed as his magnum opus, the eight published volumes of Sefer HoErchim only cover entries through אחדות השם, approximately a third of all entries just for the letter Alef. 

Even in the months leading up to his passing, with his health deteriorating, Reb Yoel continued to work on Sefer HoErchim, preparing future volumes. Sources told that at the time of his passing, he had prepared enough material for another two volumes, which Kehos will be printing in the coming years.

To mark the end of the shiva for Reb Yoel, Kehos put out a never-before published entry. An excerpt from volume six of Sefer HoErchim, which had never been published, the entry discusses the letters Hey and Yud and how they are fused in Chassidus and Kabbalah.

In the introduction, the editors note that the entry has a special connection to Chof Av as well. The main bulk of the entry is culled from the works of the great mekubal Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, father of the Rebbe. His published works, which were mainly glosses noted in the edges of seforim during his years of exile, are extremely hard to understand, and are replete with Kabbalistic terms most are unfamiliar with. Yet, in his dedication to the Rebbe, Reb Yoel studied and disseminated those works as well, and drew from the seforim for Sefer Hoerchim whenever relevant.

Click here to download ‘Sefer HaErkim Vol. 6 – Tadfis’

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