Grand Hachnasa L’Cheder Held at YTTL Montreal

Yeshiva Tomchei Temimim Lubavitch Montreal welcomed their youngest grade of students to yeshiva, with a beautiful collective arainfirenish event.

In honor of the start of school, the mothers of the youngest class of YTTL Montreal arranged an arainfirenish for all the students. The little upsherenish boys came to school under their father’s tallis and had a special program to celebrate entering yeshiva.

The young boys were introduced to cheder at YTTL Montreal at the Yeshiva’s Hachnasa L’Cheder arainfirenish event. The program was led by veteran and renowned Mechanchim Rabbi Wilansky and Rabbi Cohen.

The young boy were brought to yeshiva all wrapped up in their fathers’ talleisim. Each child was given an egg with letters of the Aleph-Beis written on it in food coloring and had candies tossed at them. The boys then were given sheets of letters covered in honey to lick off, introducing them to the sweetness of the Torah.

The ceremony was followed by a grand seudah to celebrate the beautiful milestone. The boys had a specially crafted honey cake with pesukim written on it as well.

The new principal, Rabbi Shmuel Kaufmann, was introduced by Rabbi Shneur Silberstein from Chabad of VSL and spoke beautifully. Lively niggunim were played by Zalman Gurkow and all the children and their fathers danced. Local askan and businessman Yidi Gniwisch read the Rebbe’s Letter.

The parents and administration would like to thank the following parents for helping arrange the event: Mrs. Dina Saks, Mrs. Rivky Raskin, Mrs. Bassie Gniwisch, Mrs. Leah Silberstein, Mrs. Sarahle Mrs. Lesches, and Mrs. Bayla Greenwald.

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