Newer Shluchim Look To Grow With Summer Workshops

Capitalizing on the quieter summer months, Shluchim will attend workshops, refreshing and developing essential skills paving the path for a new year of growth.

Children are off to summer camp, and the relaxed summer atmosphere is setting in. Many Shluchim spend the time reflecting on the past year and planning for the year ahead. The Summer Workshop Series for Shluchim is an effective way to utilize the summer months to refresh and advance basic skills, allowing the Shlichus to flourish. Workshops include guidance with spreadsheets, fundraising, and budgeting. 

Organized by Rabbi Mendy Shanowitz and Rabbi Mendel Chaiton of the New Shluchim Desk at Merkos 302, the summer workshops are open to all Shluchim, with a focus on Shluchim in the early years of their Shlichus. The wide array of courses are designed to help Shluchim optimize everyday operations at their Chabad House. Improving the effectiveness of the basic administrative structure of the organization will allow Shluchim to concentrate on the central components of their Shlichus. 

Experienced professionals with much familiarity and experience working with Shluchim will present virtual courses throughout the months of Tammuz and Av. 

“The Rebbe always encouraged us to use the summer as a time of growth,” said Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky, Executive Director of Merkos 302. “Advancing and developing the skills needed for everyday organizational operations such as fundraising and budgeting allows Shluchim to focus on the primary areas of their Shlichus, opening the way for real growth throughout the year.”

Rabbi Elazar Green will be covering the essentials of fundraising. He will share practical methods on how to approach donors and prepare for the expansion of your Mosad. The course is geared towards Shluchim within the first four years of their Shlichus.

Spreadsheets have become an essential tool in Shlichus, used for storing, organizing, and analyzing data. As well as contact lists, donations, receipts, budgeting, and more, are all contained in spreadsheets. Yakir Havin, a data analyst at Charidy, will present fundamental spreadsheet skills and functions, opening up a world where all your information can be used to benefit your Chabad House and community. The workshop will also help save time on repetitive calculations and tasks.

Rabbi Mendy Teldon, with several years of experience coaching Shluchim, will teach how to project monthly and annual income through maintaining realistic donation goals, as well as tracking and prioritizing Chabad expenses. He will also discuss how to structure your various bank accounts and share tips and strategies for making your budget appealing to Balabatim. 

Previous seminars have been received with much enthusiasm and appreciation. 

 “The course was one of those things which you can forever be unpacking. It gave me an enlightening perspective and practical tools for one of the most difficult parts of Shlichus,” shared Rabbi Yigal Begun after attending the fundraising course with Rabbi Green.

The recently established New Shluchim Desk provides essential tools and resources for life on Shlichus, specifically focusing on those in the beginning stages of their Shlichus. Amongst t0heir many initiatives, the New Shluchim Desk is hosting the third annual Yesodos L’Hatzlacha B’Shlichus Seminar. The seminars give recently appointed and potential Shuchim an authentic feel and practical guidance for the responsibilities and opportunities of Shlichus. Separate conferences are being held for men and women.

The Summer Workshop Series for Shluchim is part of a joint effort between Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky of Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch and Rabbi Bentzi Lipskier of the Meromim Foundation, not just to support new Shluchim financially but give them the proper tools that will empower them on their Shlichus. 

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