New York, New England Shluchim Hold Regional Kinus at Suffield Yeshiva

Shluchim from across New York and New England gathered in Suffield, Connecticut, for a regional kinus which turned into an uplifting Shabbos with davening, learning, and farbrenging with the yeshiva bochurim.

The Yeshiva campus of Suffield, Connecticut, had the Z’chus of hosting the New York/New England Regional Kinus Hashluchim, a momentous event for both the Shluchim and bochurim in the Yeshiva. This kinus was held over an entire Shabbos, with Sunday seminar and lectures, culminating in a grand banquet on Sunday night.

Just two weeks before his untimely passing, Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky a”h personally called the Yeshiva Administration requesting that the Yeshiva host this Kinus, an honor that the Yeshiva was privileged to fulfill. It is sure that Reb Moishe was looking down upon the event with great pride, seeing the achdus and learning taking place, the young bochurim engaging with the shluchim, and the high standards of quality and detail that Reb Moishe always championed.

The event was expertly catered from the Yeshiva kitchen, under the direction of Master Chef Danny Arroyo, the Shluchim were so impressed with the taste and exceptional quality of the various dishes, food presentation and service from the ‘Toameha’ spread on Friday afternoon when they arrived all the way through the fabulous banquet.

Each shliach was shown to his private room with a personalized welcome sign on the door, the rooms were tastefully equipped with bedding towels toiletries and more.

Friday night before kabalas shabbos Reb Mendy Kotlarsky spoke to the bochurim in the Yeshiva, thanking them for the Hachnasas Orchim, he shared with them a Vort from his father a”h on the parsha in the avodah of bitul and insights on the collective mission and values of Yeshiva Bochurim, the young shluchim.

The bochurim were deeply engaged in the events throughout the kinus, some staying up to farbreng with the shluchim until 3am on Friday night. After Shacharis, the farbrengens continued all through Shabbos day, it was so inspiring that all the shluchim, as well as the Mesivta bochurim and all of the Hanholo members, stayed throughout the day until Mincha at 8:00 p.m. which was followed by Seder Nigunim. They listened attentively as shluchim recounted their yeshiva days, and were inspired by captivating stories from Reb Sholom Ber Baumgarten’s time in Brunoy under Reb Nissen Nemanov, A”H.

Sunday morning Reb Yisroel Rubin, a senior shaliach from Albany, NY, delivered an in-depth shiur on the topic of shlichus on the sugya of “איני דר אלא במקום תורה”.

In order to foster a warm bond between the Mesivta bochurim and the shluchim, instead of hiring waiters the bochurim had the honor of serving the shluchim throughout the Shabbos meals. This gesture was deeply appreciated by the shluchim, who marveled at the Chassidisheit and eidelkeit that the bochurim exhibited and the warmth they displayed towards their guests as the hosts, sharing their own home with the shluchim. There was also Hispaalus and display of the beautiful campus and its comprehensive facilities, in scale and in quality.

The Shabbos events were attended by over 85 shluchim, who came from all over NY and New England. This was double the expected number of shluchim, this high attendance contributed to the kinus’s success and significance.

The Yeshiva’s staff was praised for their dedication, warmth, love and closeness to the bochurim, thereby creating a warm and welcoming environment, they were amazed that each and every bochur feels that The Yeshiva is HIS Home.

Overall, the New York/New England Regional Kinus was a historic event that strengthened the connection between the Yeshiva and the shluchim, and inspired the bochurim to continue their avodas Hashem with renewed passion and dedication.

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