New York City to Begin Subsidizing COVID Rental Debts

Informative article by Rabbi Meir Levine: New York City is about to launch a program offering rental assistance for those affected for COVID-19. It is important to sign up right away when the program opens.

By Rabbi Meir Levine

In the near future, New York City will be launching a program where you will be able to ask for government help to pay your rent (and utilities), as part of the government Covid help. (In many parts of the USA & NYS you are already able.)

You can be earning over $100,000 yearly in Brooklyn for a family of 5 and still be eligible. (Every household size & county is figured differently.) You may even choose if to ask based on your current income or calendar year 2020 (whichever is less).

To qualify, you must owe rent from Friday, 17 Adar 5780 / March 13, 2020 and on, and have had at least one of the parents on unemployment or have earned less money (smaller salary or, higher costs, or financial hardship) even if it is indirectly from Covid.

Priority will be given in the 1st month to the poorer. That would include a family of 13 in Brooklyn earning less than $100,000, unemployed now for more than 3 months, or the building has less than 20 apartments, etc.

Best is to apply on the 1st day although you may not be prioritized, even if you are single in Brooklyn and earning less than $66,850, because funds may run dry very fast (NYC got 247 million dollars).

Your landlord and utility company will get money for 12 months owed, and also 3 months ahead of rent if it is more than 30 percent of your pre-tax salary (for example, if your rent is +3k & you earn -10k monthly).

Renters will give ID, Social Security numbers, proof of income, residency & rental amount (as rent receipt). And utility bill, if owed. (This list in Yiddish:

Landlords will give W9, proof of rent owed, and of rent pay etc., and direct deposit information. And sign (including: not to higher rent and evict, for 1 year after receiving this money). (This list in Yiddish:

“Illegal immigrants” are eligible.


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  1. It was just announced that “Applications will be accepted starting June 1, 2021” which is next Tuesday.

  2. If each family would receive $24,700, then 10,000 families will finish all the 247 million dollars allocated to NYC, a city with 8.5 million residents. So best is to apply on day 1!

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