New Women’s Platform Blends Spiritual and Physical Health

Registered nurse, midwife, and Kallah teacher Rivky Boyarsky teamed up with teacher Sara Loewenthal to create ‘Bodies and Souls’, a platform for women that centers around conversations of growth, self care, and personal harmony.

Frum women carry huge responsibilities, including raising children, household responsibilities and working outside the home, be it teaching, Shlichus, and other jobs. As a result of all that we shoulder, it is essential to not only seek medical attention when needed, but to safeguard and protect our health and wellness. Wellness isn’t limited to physical health, but to spiritual health as well. What we and our families hear, see, eat, and are surrounded with impacts us physiologically and spiritually.

For the frum women, wellness encompasses everything & wellness changes everything.

Rivky Boyarsky, registered nurse, midwife, and Kallah teacher, together with Sara Loewenthal, certified teacher and school leader have teamed up together to create ‘Bodies and Souls’, a platform that centers around conversations of growth, self stewardship, self care, and personal harmony. This platform is both a podcast and a blog, so that every woman can connect in a medium that speaks to her.

“Growing up,” recounts Rivky, “there just wasn’t a focus on women’s health and empowerment the way it is today. It took years of studying and learning for me to realize that we are our own best advocates and educators.” Sara, Rivky’s cousin, concedes, “Both Rivky and myself are passionate about health and education. We want to share what we learned over many years to a wider audience, because all this information will make all of us better individuals, as well as better mothers and wives.”

Bodies and Souls is both relatable and real. The aim is to reach as many Frum women as possible, helping us all grow as Ovdei Hashem and reaching our full potential. Bodies and Souls pays attention to all aspects of wellness (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, intellectual, financial and social), because these different dimensions are interdependent and help support one another. “We wanted to create a way to nourish the bodies and souls of all women, so that when sitting to listen or read, you feel like you are going on a coffee date with a good friend,” says Rivky. “When women are empowered, families are empowered.”

Rivky and Sara have designed a platform that brings women of all ages and stages together. The platform is women based – run by women, for women. On the podcast, Jewish female experts in their field will weigh in on their topics, speaking from a base of knowledge and authenticity. For example, Rochel Goldbaum, relationship coach speaks about enmeshment, while Dini Gorman describes the framework that when set up properly, will aid our children in making proper Chassidishe choices. The blog and podcast promises to deliver honest, reflective pieces that will make you laugh, cry, and reread/relisten. As this platform is just beginning to unfold, we welcome your comments and contributions, as this is really all about you!

Bodies and Souls will become your go-to destination for advice and friendship on anything wellness related. There is something for everyone, and not only will you be coming back for more, you will find yourself being drawn into a community of Frum women, just like you!

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