New Wedding Loan Gemach Established in Memory of Shneur Hirsh

Ten Yad Hachnasas Kallah launched their newest project, Keren Shneur, established in loving memory of Shneur Hirsh, providing free loan gemach’s to help families cover wedding expenses.

Ten Yad Hachnasas Kallah is pleased to present their newest project, Keren Shneur, which will provide financial aid for families who find themselves in need of a little bit of extra support as they celebrate the wedding of their children.

The expenses that surround the joyous occasion of marrying off a child are substantial.

Ten Yad Hachnasas Kallah knows this well.

They help hundreds of Kallahs in need, every single year, by providing wedding gowns, accessories, sheitels and household essentials.

And now, Ten Yad will be taking it to the next level with their newest initiative.

Established in loving memory of Shneur Hirsh, Keren Shneur is a free loan gemach that is specifically designated to help families cover wedding expenses.

Keren Shneur is now in its initial phase and is currently available for members of the Crown Heights community.

For more information contact Ten Yad: 718 – 735 – 6077 (hours: 10 am – 12 pm) or email [email protected].

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