New Website Presents Summaries of All the Rebbe’s Ma’amarim

The weekly summaries of all the Rebbe’s ma’amarim on the Parsha authored by Rabbi Zalman Farkash were uploaded to a new website, along with ma’amarim with explanations by Rabbi Asher Farkash

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A new website is offering summaries of all the Rebbe’s ma’amarim on any given parsha, along with ma’amarim with explanations.

The summaries were authored by Rabbi Zalman Farkashmashpia in Yeshivas Lubavitch of Buenos Aires, who has been publishing a weekly summary of all the Rebbe‘s ma’amarim on the Parsha of the week.

Throughout the years of the Rebbe’s nesius, the Rebbe said over 1,500 ma’amarim, most of which are connected to the Parsha of the week, or the date on the calendar. To find a ma’amar on the Parsha, one has to look through numerous seforim, with many Parshios having nearly 20 ma’amarim.

To assist those that study the ma’amarim, and to make it easier to find a ma’amar to study, Rabbi Farkash began publishing the summaries, containing a brief synopsis of each ma’amar connected with that week’s Parsha. In order to create the summary, Rabbi Farkash personally learns each one of the ma’amarim, a task that takes many hours.

After receiving requests from around the world to have the summaries sent to them, Rabbi Farkash began sending out the publications, and many around the world thanked him for his incredible work.

After the summaries were completed on a majority of the Rebbe’s ma’amarim, the idea came up to have them all in one place. The new website will serve that purpose.

Also on the website are ma’amarim of the Rebbe with explanations based on the shiurim of Rabbi Asher Farkash.

To access the site:

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