New Website Hosts Hundreds of “Raw” Videos of the Rebbe

Many hundreds of hours of raw, unedited videos of the Rebbe are now available for every chossid to watch on a new website launched in memory of bochur Meir Likhovetski a”h.

A new website offers chassidim the opportunity to watch many hundreds of hours of the Rebbe’s farbrengens, sichos, distribution of dollars, and events with the Rebbe throughout the decades.

Unique about the site is the fact that it offers full, unedited videos, with no paywall or hidden videos, allowing any chossid to choose any farbrengen or video of the Rebbe, and truly experience living with the Rebbe.

The new site was launched in memory of Meir Likhovetski a”h, a bochur who had a tremendous koch in the Rebbe’s inyonim, and especially the Rebbe’s Torah. Giving chassidim the opportunity the watch any farbrengen of the Rebbe is a fitting tribute to his memory.

The site offers the videos of the Rebbe divided by date or by year. If one is searching for a video from 5735, he can go to the ‘5735’ file and access all the videos from the year. Or, if one is looking for a Yud Shvat farbrengen, he can open the ‘By Date’ tab, select ‘Yud Shvat’ and see all the Yud Shvat videos from throughout the years.

Also hosted on the site are the famous ‘Ktoim’ and ‘Pninim’ videos, which include selected snippets of dollars distribution and life with the Rebbe in the late 5740 and early 5750s.

Just in the Nissan section of the site, one can find 15 videos of matzah distribution, 17 videos from the days before Yud Alef Nissan, and no less than 33 videos from Yud Alef nissan farbrengens, Mitzah Tank parades, and brachos. As chassidim prepare to mark the Rebbe’s 120th birthday this Yud Alef Nissan, there is no better way to prepare than visiting the site, selecting a video, and watching a farbrengen of sicha.

To access all the video:
Click here to access the Nissan videos.

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