New Volume Includes Fascinating Purim Lessons

After the successful release of his first volume on Sefer Bereishis, Reb Simcha Teich is announcing the release of Targum Simcha on Shemos with extensive discussions on Purim.

Exciting news for everyone who enjoys learning Chumash and celebrating Purim!

After the successful release of his first volume on Sefer Bereishis, Reb Simcha Teich is announcing the release of “Targum Simcha Volume Two: Shemos.”

This sefer delves into the stories from Sefer Shemos, connecting the weekly parsha with the joy and lessons of Purim.

Available at this volume is triple the size of the first volume, boasting over 150 pages filled with fascinating and unique chidushim.

Discover how the uniform of the Kohen Gadol which had been stolen from the Beis Hamikdash during the destruction by King Nevuchadnezzar, was subsequently returned by King Cyrus, only to be stolen again and brought to Shushan.

The Targum Simcha suggests that it was stolen by Haman who had been in Yerushalayim on the orders of King Achashverosh to ensure the rebuilding of the Beis Hamikdash had been stopped. It was after Haman brought the bigdei Kohen Gadol to Shushan that King Achashverosh disrespectfully wore them at his party.

Using a broad spectrum of Torah sources and drawing from ancient and contemporary mefarshim and midrashim, the Targum Simcha offers a rich tapestry of Torah wisdom and Purim joy.

Some of the topics include:

  • Did Yisro have a Purim seudah?
  • Learning from Pharaoh and Achashverosh about the importance of good advice.
  • The ongoing battle with Amalek, from Yetzias Mitzrayim through the eras of King Shaul and King Agag, to their descendants Mordechai and Haman – and today.
  • The role of Tefillin in the Purim story.
  • Special Tu B’Shvat section.
  • The importance of unity, as recognized by Moshe Rabbeinu and Queen Esther.

The Targum Simcha has received haskamos and encouragement from prominent Lubavitch Rosh Yeshiva and Mashpiim. Additionally, it has been honored with divrei bracha from the Satmer Rebbe, underscoring its wide-reaching appeal and depth.

This sefer will be appealing to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the weekly parsha and its connections to the simcha of Purim.

Each sefer includes an English and Hebrew version.

Order your copy at – Offering FREE SHIPPING during Chodesh Adar.

Whether you’re aiming to enrich your bookshelf, spark engaging discussions at your Shabbos table, or explore the depths of Jewish history and traditions, “The Targum Simcha” is the perfect choice.

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