New Vocational Yeshiva Opens In The Pocono Mountains

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Yeshivas Chayolei Beis Dovid, a Yeshiva for Chassidishe Bochurim that wants to learn a trade, has opened for the new school year. photographer Dovber Hechtman traveled to the Poconos to document the Yeshiva opening.

Yeshivas Chayolei Beis Dovid has opened for the new school year. Its goal is to provide a setting for Chassidishe bachurim who want to be in a Chassidishe yeshiva in every respect, but find it difficult to put in a full day of learning as in all other Chabad yeshivos.

The yeshivah is headed by Rabbi Levi Raices, Rabbi Raices is a shliach in Charkov, Ukraine. Due to the war, he had to leave his place of shlichus and is living in the U.S. He is utilizing his talents during his stay here to work with the first group of bachurim.

Running the yeshiva are veteran mechanchim, Rabbi Dovid Kahanov and Rabbi Zev Cadaner. Both are known for their unique approach to young bachurim, especially those who need personal attention and direction.

The new yeshiva, located on a spacious campus in the Poconos Mountains, offers a schedule of Nigleh and Chassidus, avodas ha’tefilla and farbrengens, as well as time devoted to learning a trade.

For more info about the yeshivah, email: [email protected]

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