New Visual Glossary for Chassidus Concepts

Inside Chassidus and Rabbi Yossi Paltiel are producing a first-of-its-kind glossary of Chassidic terms, with a new video explaining a different concept each week.

Inside Chassidus and Rabbi Yossi Paltiel are partnering up to produce a first-of-its-kind Chassidic glossary in English. The goal of the project is to enable all levels of learners to learn Chassidus. 

For the initial phase of this project, fifty common Chassidus terms have been chosen to serve as a foundation. Each week, Inside Chassidus will be releasing a video on one of the topics.

While the availability of Chassidus classes have grown, there aren’t a lot of English resources to ‘look up’ topics in Chassidus. 

In a Yeshiva setting, it’s common to ask the Mashpia a translation or some other question while learning a Ma’amar. Very often, these terms are whole concepts and require background to understand. 

This project aims to fill the gap for those who are not in a Yeshiva, or who want access to this content anytime.

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