New Vaad Hakohol Meets with Community Shuls

Marking a new era of community involvement and leadership, Crown Heights Shul representatives met with the new Vaad Hakohol/CHJCC Board of Directors in an inaugural meeting to brainstorm future initiatives.

Marking a new era of community involvement and leadership, Crown Heights Shul representatives (Netzigim) invited the new Vaad Hakohol/CHJCC Board of Directors to an inaugural meeting to build on the success of the recent election. The meeting was graciously hosted by Tzirei Anash on Tuesday evening 26 Sivan, July 2nd.

The first part of the gathering saw a significant step forward for Crown Heights: a vote establishing a Bylaws Committee dedicated to reviewing the rules governing community elections and voting. The goal is to update the bylaws to reflect the current needs and realities of our times. 

Shul Representatives spoke about the need for broad representation in this transformative process. With every shul sending a representative, every segment of the community can have a voice and a stake in shaping our collective future, fostering an environment of transparency and collective decision-making. 

If your shul is not yet participating, please speak with the shul management and encourage them to join. 

Please contact [email protected] for more information on joining. 

Brainstorming future initiatives, the Representatives discussed ideas like developing a unified platform bringing Crown Heights shuls and the broader community together. This would strengthen the bonds within our community and create a more cohesive and supportive environment for all members. 

As the Vaad Hakohol and CHJCC Board of Directors joined the session, the Shul representatives extended congratulations on behalf of the community, as well as the community’s eagerness to support their success. The floor was then opened for the Vaad to share their vision and the early progress they have made on various fronts. Representatives relayed questions and suggestions from their respective shul members, offering insights into how the Vaad can further enhance its role in benefiting the community. 

The meeting concluded on a high note, characterized by a palpable sense of unity, energy, and mutual understanding—a true embodiment of ‘achdus’. This gathering not only signifies a step forward in community engagement but also sets a precedent for future collaboration and dialogue. 

Shul representatives offer heartfelt gratitude to an anonymous sponsor of the refreshments, whose generosity reflected the spirit of giving and community that is the lifeblood of Crown Heights. 

Shul representatives: 770 Congregation Lubavitch (Gruenberg) 94 Shul (Kuperman) 96 Shul (Lazaroff) 99 Class Shull (534 Empire) (Rimler, Chanin) Agudas Israel (Karp) Ahavas Achim- Empire Shtiebel (Simon, Lerner) Aliya- Bais Laime (Feiglin) Anshei Lubavitch (Leshes) Anshei Rubishov (Rugalsky) Anshe Moshe (Negin, Pais) Bais Binyamin (Berkowitz) Beis David Gershon (Felberman) Beis Gimpel Chaim (Breshevitzki) Beis Menachem Mendel (lefferts) (Reinitz) Beis Shmuel (Dubroff) Bnei Solomon Zalman-Frankel shul (Caplan, Adelstein) Chabad Sterling (Kahanov) Chovevei Torah- Murphy Shul (Leshes, Zulaf) Chug Yaakov Yehuda (Hecht) Congregation Anash Chabad (935 EP) (Goldstein, Weiszner) Eliyahu Nachum- Adath Israel-Lefferts (Simpson) Getzel Shul (Avrohom Eliyahu) (Plotkin, Spinner) Hadar Hatorah (Weisz) Ktav Sofer (Brownstein, Maness) Menachem’s Shul (Wilhelm) Mitzvah Center (Chayo) Mishkan Menachem- JCM (Berghoff) Nosson’s Shul (Wilhelm) Ohel Nosson (Kaminetzky, Webb) The Besht Center (Freidman) The Shul (Chein) Tzeirei anash (Langzam) Unzer Shul (Simon) The Lincoln Place Shul (Shushan) Rayim Ahuvim (Katzman, Fuss) Torah Utefilah – Shain Cong Tiferes (Shain, Gansburg) 

If your shul doesn’t yet have a representative, please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

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