New Torah to Rejuvenate Brownsville

Brownsville, NY is set to receive its first Torah in over six decades, in honor of the tenth yahrzeit of Rebbetzin Sara Leah Overlander A”H, shlucha to London, England.

The Overlander Family invites the entire Anash community to a Siyum and Hachnasas Sefer Torah on Sunday, 7 Shevat, in memory of Rebbetzin Sara Leah Overlander A”H. 

The dedication marks the tenth yahrzeit of Mrs Overlander, shlucha to London, England. A mother of 10 and spiritual mother of countless others, Mrs Overlander was a beloved figure to all who knew her. Her warm sense of humor and wisdom drew an untold number of people closer to Yiddishkeit during, and beyond, the thirty years of her shlichus.

The siyum sefer Torah marks a historic revival of Jewish life in Brownsville, NY, which once thronged with Yidden 100 years ago but mostly emptied of its Jews in the 1960s. The neighborhood has begun to see a rebirth of Yiddishkeit in recent years as a young Lubavitch community springs up on its streets, complete with bustling shul, multiple weekly shiurim and events.

The writing of the final letters will take place at 1:30 PM, at 84 Amboy St, Brooklyn NY, followed by a procession to 125 Dumont Ave, for dancing and hakafos.

All are invited to join.

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